Posted on 1st November 2010 by Anna de Souza

HREC provides a range of free and confidential services to residents who either work or live in the London Borough of Hounslow. Our services are designed to support individuals, communities and organisations in addressing and improving equality practices and combating discrimination.

Asian Advice Service

Advice and assistance to South Asian residents on a range of issues, including immigration, welfare benefits, accessing police support, form filling, enquiries to public services, etc.
Times: Monday and Tuesday mornings and telephone only advice in afternoons.
Contact: Vandana Rawal | or 0208-572 5532 ext.210

Somali Advice Service

Advice and assistance to Somali residents on a range of issues such as welfare benefits, access to services, form filling, immigration, and issues such as schools, reporting crime, anti-social behaviour.
Times: Thursday and Friday
Contact: Zeinab Abdi | or 0208-572 5532 ext. 206

East European Advice Service

Advice and assistance to Eastern European residents on a variety of issues such as welfare benefits, access to services and problems and issues linked to living in the UK (e.g. schools, reporting crime, anti-social behaviour).
Times: Wednesdays and Thursdays
Contact: Anna Biernacka – Lang | or 0208-572-5532 ext. 205

Race and Hate Crime Project

Race and hate crime and harassment. Support and advice on reporting incidents and involving police and local support agencies, including Hounslow Homes and housing associations.
Contact: Anna de Souza | or 0208-572-5532 ext. 207

Employment Advice & Casework

Employment related cases concerning equality and discrimination.
Contact: Jagdeesh Singh | or 0208-572-5532 ext. 209

Race & Equality Promotion & Development

Awareness, Training & General Matters
Contact: Jagdeesh Singh | or 0208-572-5532 ext. 209

Free Legal Advice

Free Legal Advice on Family, Immigration, Employment & Housing matters, provided to residents living or working in the Hounslow Borough. Contact HR&EC for further information on days and times.

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